Scholar of Light and Hope...


Vya is a woman of elven blood, appearing in her early twenties while actually carrying nearly 70 years of knowledge and experience with her. Her hair is predominately white with gray intermixed, as is common with half-elven folk. Her eyes are a brilliant orange, her skin very fair. She stands a little over five feet, though do not let her size fool you.

She may look delicate and small, but within such a small frame, it has been revealed that a soul of great determination and strength resides within.


Vya is, by all appearances a young woman, but being of elven blood, she is actually considerably older than she looks. Having lived for nearly 70 years, the woman has spent much of her life dedicated to the University of Light. She is a quiet woman, usually found with her nose buried in a book, though she can be incredibly knowledgeable about many different subjects.

She has grown up in the capital city, never once leaving its walls and venturing out into the darkness. Studying under the tutelage of elder White Mages and even working with a few Seekers, she has however become a capable young woman in the war against the Darkness.


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